jeudi 17 février 2011


Documentaire très éloquent au sujet de la mystérieuse aéroport de Denver...
(en anglais seulement) - Denver Underground Base Operation Trojan Horse Video

2 commentaires:

  1. Thanx for this important footage!
    I deplore the off voice is talking about "nazi" swastika...
    the nazis embezzled the swastika and misused it...
    take a look on wikipedia @ "swastika", you'll overstand! ;)
    the swastika, no matter which interpretation you pick from the original sanscrit is a sign of good omen!
    let's not fear! aliens are out there to help us!
    the reason they "patrol" so much these days, is because they are worried: we are playing with atomic energy, which DOESN'T BELONG to human race... they're worried that with our reckless attitude towards the planete, we end up blowing it altogether... they're not interested in loosing it, we're the only "green" planete in our solar system, actualy designed as a earthly paradise!!! once we got that, let's drop atomic energy altogether, roll up our sleeves and clean up our mess, everything will be fine. There is NO END!
    Jah guide, Jah bless!

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